About Us

Fairview Elementary 7047 Emma

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Jennings School District is to ensure each student develops a passion for learning through challenging curricula and rigorous academic standards; innovative, stimulating educational environments, and a passion that education is a lifelong pursuit.

Who We Are

Fairview Elementary is a thriving school community that serves approximately 400 students, preschool through sixth grade. The staff are highly committed to supporting all students reach their maximum potential; many of them hold advanced degrees. The academic programming provided to each learner is specifically tailored to individual student needs. The staff uses common formative assessments authentically to inform their instructional approaches. All students receive instruction in the general classroom setting and participate in differentiated literacy and math groups based on their particular learning strengths and needs. Students engage in personal goal setting and monitor their own progress in order to understand their own present levels compared with the grade level expectations. This allows students to take ownership in the learning process and is highly motivating to each student.